A guardianship is needed when a loved one has lost the ability to make medical and personal decisions for themselves and does not have a valid Health Care Proxy in place.  A conservatorship is needed when a loved one has lost the ability to manage their own finances and does not have a valid Durable Power of Attorney in place.

Applying to be a loved ones guardian and/or conservator can be difficult, time-consuming, frustrating and emotionally draining.  In addition, once you have been appointed guardian and/or conservator, you are required to file inventories, accountings and financial plans with the Probate Court.

Our guardianship and conservatorship services include:

  • Obtaining guardianships and conservatorships
  • Acquiring and maintaining corporate bonds
  • Preparation and filing of inventories, accounts and financial plans
  • Petitioning the court for permission to create an estate plan for individuals already under guardianship and conservatorship
  • Guidance to appointed guardians and conservators regarding their legal rights, duties and authority

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